Hunter MP Rotator MP2000

Price: $6.55

The MP2000 Rotator is a 13-21' (4-6.4 meter) sprinkler (including the 25% radius reduction* capability) that fits any conventional spray head body or shrub adapter. The MP Rotator is ideal for new systems, with ultimate design flexibility (from 4’ strip to 30’ radius), as well as lower installation costs and better system efficiency. It’s also perfect for revitalizing older systems—a retrofit can solve both low pressure and poor coverage problems. Plus, it’s the solution for slopes and tight soils, as the low precipitation rate radically reduces runoff. To save water, solve problems, and simply do a better job of irrigating, make the switch to the MP Rotator. Use with the Hunter MPR40 sprinkler body

 How to: Adjusting the MP Rotator

mprotator_brochure.pdf1.32 MB