How To

 Agrifim Drip conversion kit 



Step 1

Pull sides apart at green-painted top opening.

Step 2

Flatten out bottom fold.

Step 3

Bend side seams flat against bottom.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Permits convenient conversion to drip tubing when used with compression adapter.
  • Provides 30 psi pressure regulation and 200-mesh (75 micron) screen that is easily accessible.
  • Internal assembly drops into any 1804; 1806; or 1812 spray head body to easily retrofit existing system to Xerigation... more

Features & Benefits

Featuring a unique, multi-trajectory rotating stream delivery system that achieves water-conserving results, the MP Rotator is a revolutionary product,
unlike anything else in the field of irrigation.  A multi-stream rotor the size of a spray nozzle, the MP Rotator features only one moving part…technology thatassures proven reliability. It fits any conventional spray head body or shrub adapter, transforming one into a high... more