1/2" Drip tubing 100' Roll ½” (.610” x .710” x .050” wall)

Price: $13.25


100' Roll of high quality Drip tubing
Flexible formula for easy insertion in any weather
  • UV resistant - withstands heat, direct sun and harsh environments.
  • Manufactured under stringent quality controls, assures highest quality as every coil undergoes a battery of over 30 quality checks.
  • Made with the finest low density polyethylene resin available allowing for easy connections and quick layouts. 
  • For use with point source drip emitters, micro-spray or micro-sprinklers for irrigating ground cover, trees and shrub beds
  • Provides flexible and durable header or transition to dripperline
  • For on-surface or subsurface installations
  • Positions on-line emission devices in hard to reach places
Wyatt Model 701
MFG Model PE061-071-010WR