1" 'M' Water Meter model #36M251T 1.2 GPM to 20 GPM

Price: $238.50

 M Water Meters are the industry’s smallest multi-jet water meters. They offer the best cost, performance and long life. The multi-jet principle assures an equally distributed load on the impeller minimizing wear and maintaining accuracy. Wide clearances in the measuring chamber and negligible area of contact between static and moving parts are the main reasons for the high reliability of this design even in hard water. Available in ¾”, 1” and 1 ½” sizes.

  • Only one moving part – the impeller – in contact with the water for minimum wear and utmost reliability.
  • Magnetically driven sealed registers are stainless steel/glass encapsulated and guaranteed against fogging due to moisture.
  • No additional upstream or downstream straight length of pipe required for installation.
  • Very accurate over a wide range of flows.
  • Industry’s longest warranty – three years on the metering components (register and metering assembly) and five years on the meter body.