What can I do to save water in my landscape


Water Conservation

 New and existing Landscapes



  1. Plan your Landscape
    1. Choose plants that are drought tolerant
    2. Group plants of similar watering needs together for even watering
    3. Get professional help


  1. Understand the Irrigation System

      A   Become familiar with the Irrigation system components and how they work.

      B   Know how to program and adjust your irrigation controller, keep owners manual handy for easy access


      4Maintain your system

     A   Watch for changes in your landscape, as plants grow components may need to be adjusted or changed

     B    If an area receives more shade because of tree growth you may need to adjust your irrigation cycle to compensate for less water needs

     C   Keep grass and shrubs trimmed to proper height to insure adequate irrigation coverage


5. Evaluate your system

   A   Retrofit and update an existing Irrigation System

   A   Check for leaks

   B   Look and listen for problem areas while your irrigation system is running

   C  Get familiar with your irrigation components and know how to make adjustments


       6. Repair, Adjust

    A  Visit your local Irrigation supplier and get advice on how to update and evaluate your system. Numerous products are available to update existing                                    systems to bring them up to date and Water Conservative.

    B  Contact your local Water Conservation Office for advice and guidance.

   C Separate zones that contain plant material with incompatible watering needs Replace an outdated Irrigation Timer with a newer model that has a water                  budgeting feature.  Set for 100% in hotter months then adjust the amount of water by percentage instead of reprogramming each zone individually.

               D  Install a rain sensor to shut off irrigation system when detectable rainfall occurs    

   E  Install a wind sensor in windy regions when wind velocity is too great to run an efficient cycle

   F       Install a flow sensor to shut off irrigation system when a system breakage occurs and causes a high flow situation

               G      Install check valves to avoid runoff from low-lying sprinkler heads

               H   Install Pressure regulators or Pressure regulated sprinklers to maintain proper system                                             

         pressure and flow rate