Tell me about the Million Gallon Challenge

 April 1st 2015  Wyatt will be launching a water conservation movement called the

Million Gallon Challenge


Our Goal is to help people conserve water, track the data and reach 1,000,000 of savings this growing season.  How will we do it?


  • Convert lawns from high use water to low use efficient landscapes
  • Share creative ideas on how to save water in the home and in the landscape
  • Promote graywater, use water twice, whenever we can 
  • Promote Laundry to Landscape, by diverting appropriate rinse water to the landscape rather than the sewer system.
  • Hold workshops on water conservation methods and Drip Irrigation options
  • Take feedback and share ideas from our supporters.
  • Work in cooperation and support our local municipal efforts for water conservation
  • Work with our business and cummunity partners to support their efforts in water conservation

So how do you benefit?

  • You save water
  • You learn something new
  • Your return on investment will save you money
  • You may be eligible to get free materials
  • You will be helping the environment with your water conservation efforts

How do I get Started?

  • Find out if your city is offering any incentives to conserve water and follow their instructions on how to participate
  • If doing a lawn conversion, measure your lawn and calculate square feet 
  • Count how many sprinklers you have in the area you will convert
  • Come see us in one of our locations and we will set up a conversion kit to suit your needs
  • Check back here to this page to read updated information, links to resources and our progress towards the Million Gallons
  • Check out our How To page and watch a video of the Agrifim conversion kit in action

Current Offers

  • Starting April 1,2015 Wyatt and NDS are partnering up to give you free drip emitters for use in your lawn conversion 
  • Participants are eligible for 1 free emitter for every 10 square feet of turf removal with a limit of 60 emitters when you purchase a conversion kit.
  • What we need, your name, your zip code and the square feet amount that you will be converting, this helps us calculate the savings.

What is in a typical kit?

  • A collection of typical items needed when converting from sprinklers to drip, sprinkler caps to cap off unused sprinklers, conversion kit to change a sprinkler head to a drip system application, numerous parts to make typical connections.  See attachment for a photo of a typical kit set up.
  • Click on the attachment at the bottom of the page to view the contents of a typical kit

How can I get involved to help in my community?

  • Contact the water conservation department in your city to see what community efforts are taking place
  • Visit our community partner Daily Acts to see the great efforts they have going on to create a better world. 

Would you like a personalized conservation plan? We can help get you started on the right track. Contact Kris to make an appointment. Kris [at] wyattsupply [dot] com

I have questions or ideas on how I can help, who should I contact?

  • Kris Loomis, Marketing Manager Kris [at] wyattsupply [dot] com
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