Primordial Solutions Rootamentary 16 oz.

Price: $59.99

6.5 - 2.0 - 1.5

This highly concentrated formula will go a very long way.  This small bottle will treat 240 gallons of water for cuttings, starts and transplants at .25ml/gal; 120 gallons for early vegetative growth at .5/gal and 60 gallons for late vegetative growth, transitioning to flower and early fruiting at 1ml/gal. These are our recommended amounts.

The idea behind Rootamentary is to provide the fundamental essential elements for plants to grow.  We took a chemical analysis of a plant and formulated a nutrient to match those numbers.  It contains not only N-P-K and an array of minerals essential for plant health, but it also delivers naturally derived root growth compounds.  The larger a plant’s root system, the larger the plant itself.

Rootamentary is named such because it contains the fundamental elements for plants to reach their full potential.  If a plant is deficient in early development, it will never reach its full genetic potential.  Think of the way a plant grows in nature, the NPK of the soil doesn't change much throughout the season.  It is in the early stages of growth and root development that the plant is getting an idea what is available to it in the soil.  If there isn't enough of something, it knows not to waste too much energy trying to get big, but rather, hold back and save some energy for reproduction.  Rootamentary is designed to speak the plants language and tell it what it needs to hear to go big and not hold back.

We are flipping the focus.  The plant you see above ground is a mirror image of its root system.  If you grow large roots, you'll grow large plants! 

Rootamentary's special formula is crafted with your roots in mind.  Add this product to your garden and just watch the results.

Rootamentary is designed to be used throughout early growth, vegetative and early fruiting/flowering.  It can be used as a stand-alone feed or in conjunction with any existing feeding program.