Power- Loc 90 Degree elbow 60 series 'PL-60-PELL'

Price: $1.15

 60 Series fittings fit .620" to .710" with wall thickness from .045" to .055"

Power-Loc™ Fittings

For use with polyethylene irrigation tubing. Power-Loc™ Fittings are positive locking,
insert type fittings with a threaded ring,
Product Features
■ Very easy to install tubing over single barb
■ Positive stop to assure tubing is fully installed
■ Low effort, square thread drive ring quickly locks tubing in place — no tools needed
■ Barb design ensures tubing will not slip out or blow off at high pressure and temperature
■ Each fitting will accommodate a wide range of hose diameter and wall thickness
■Working pressure: 60 PSI
■Wide range of fitting configurations available