K-Rain Rotary Nozzle Adjustable Pattern RN200ADJ

Price: $3.75

The RN-200-ADJ is K-Rain's adjustable rotary nozzle. It's arc can be adjusted from 90 degrees - 270 Degrees as well as the distance from 16'-19' The rotary nozzles are color coded for easy field identification. Multi-trajectory rotating streams provide superior uniformity. Automatic matched precipitation even after arc & radius adjustment. Low application rate (4/10 inch per hour) reduces runoff on slopes & tight soils. Easy arc adjustment - Easy radius adjustment. Viscous dampened to ensure consistent application speed. Double-Pop to prevent dirt intrusion upon retraction. Easy adjustment, wet or dry, with our unique tool. Removable inlet filter for easy cleaning.

rotary_nozzle_performance_data.pdf1.63 MB