Primordial Solutions True Blooms 16 oz.

Price: $59.99


True Blooms is an organically derived and food-grade foliar spray to induce rapid fruiting/flowering.  It opens the stomata and vascular system of your plant to allow for increased Co2 absorption and eases the flow of nutrients from the roots to the fruits.

True Blooms will dramatically increase fruit/flower production, shorten the inter-nodal distance, and encourage side-branching.

This masterfully blended formula is designed to speed up the time until harvest.  Saving you time in the garden and allowing gardeners and farmers to beat the autumn rains. The concentrated formula is applied at only 2mL/gallon of water and one 16oz bottle will treat 230 gallons of foliar spray! Begin True Blooms one week prior to fruiting/flowering and continue until one week before harvest.